QuiQi Standard (Online Menu) OFFER

  • QuiQi Standard (Online Menu) OFFER


QuiQi Standard (Online Menu) OFFER



“Quickly Create Beautiful e-Menus That Your Customers Can Access Without ANY Wait…”

Easy, interactive and the most efficient way to present the full details of your servings. The customer scans a QR code and instantly gets access to your online menu on their device.

Can be used by any business that uses menus or catalogs to display their products such as restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.


Happy Customer

No more waiting for the waiter to bring the menu. The customers have the menu in their hands the minute they sit at the table. With e-Menu the customers browse through your menu at their own time and pace. Easier, Faster more convenient and overall BETTER. With extra information and easier to browse through, no wonder why customers love it. No more boring menus.

Reduce cost of operation

In an industry of traditionally tight profit margins, printing new menus just to change or add an item is costly. Even more, redesigning your menu just to promote different items is unprofitable. No need to redesign or print new menus. Adding new items to your catalog, promoting special dishes or supplementing extra details to your menu is as simple as a click of a button. And most important … NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Increase the revenue

With better, more interactive content for your customers, e-Menu is doing all the sales for you. You don’t just acquire a state of the art menu but a dedicated “salesperson” as well. e-Menu is doing all the talking for you. In addition is there another way to increase your revenue other than mouth-to-mouth marketing? Happy customers share their customer experience with friends and family. They actually become brand promoters. Overall e-Menu is the first-level marketing for your business.

Protect your clients

Corona virus (COVID-19) related guidelines recommend that the companies have a single-use price menu or menus visibly posted or even provide them electronically. Since e-Menu is displayed at customer’s device, it prevents the dispersion of germs or viruses.


The customers scan the QR-code or the NFC-tag located at their table with their smartphone, to instantly access the online menu


Select the items of their choice, add them to their cart and place their order, which is sent directly to the kitchen-bar

3. PAY

When the order is placed or before leaving the customers can pay using their credit card via their smartphone