Why You Should Use QR-codes For Your HoReCa Business?



One of the modern trends among restaurants is using QR code for their digital menus. A Quick Response (QR) code is characterized by a 2D barcode, unlike the traditional ones that involve only lines. It basically consists of dots and black squares, which represent specific pieces of data that can be translated by a phone or any such device. If you are looking for any such services, you can check out QuiQi, which basically provides a cloud-based interactive e-menu for your business.
Here are some reasons why you should maximize the use of QR code in your business, especially for your menu:
• Convenient to use
The primary benefit of QR codes is that they are convenient for you and your customers. This cuts down on the waiter’s job and your customers don’t have to keep waiting for the server to arrive at their table to take their order. Also, you can give your customers enough time to decide on what meals to try without pressuring them with the presence of your staff.
• Helps in savings
The biggest advantage of using QR codes is the time and money savings they offer. It saves a lot of time when your customers can immediately check the menu for the day’s special and other offerings. Your customers can order and you can receive their orders right away. You also save a lot of money since you can easily add new items to the menu electronically, without worrying about updating its physical counterpart. This allows you to save your revenue as you won’t have to keep on printing your new set of menus, especially if you are in the early stages of your business.
• Implements hygienic practices
The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way people eat. Restaurants now need to be very mindful of social distancing and implementing safe public health practices. QR codes provide just the right solution and are hygienic in the terms that menus no longer need to be passed from your waiters to the customers and then back to your staff again.
This also lessens the risk of contamination as your customers can just open the menu from their smartphones and order from there. You can also further enhance this strategy with contactless payment methods, like the use of electronic wallets and online banking.
• Increases Brand Awareness
A very useful feature of QR code generators is that they can be customized however you like. You can personalize your QR code to display your brand logo. It’s a brilliant way to increase brand awareness of your business and imprint your identity in the customer’s minds. This way, when diners scroll their social media feeds and come across your logo, they can immediately associate it with good food and even customer service you provided them earlier.
• Provides ease of marketing  
Apart from brand awareness, you can also utilize QR codes to market more products to your customers and reach an even greater audience. You can also upsell other food items on your menu, whenever your customers order something. For example, a diner orders today’s special, which only consists of an appetizer and a main course, you can then upsell dessert from your QR code. This would help boost your sales and profits.
• Manage analytics
Inbound marketing lets you measure the total cost of the revenue spent on marketing which wasn’t possible in the past with billboards and print marketing. QR codes take this one step further letting you measure your results based on leads and clicks. You can also get some very useful analytics and insights about your business that can help you target your customers better.
• Connecting online and offline media 
Print media such as flyers, billboards, brochures, and business cards typically have your email and website address, however, they aren’t actually connected to your online media and customers typically ignore them. These days most of the B2B businesses are now using QR codes to tie their print media to their website, which means there’s no need to include your web address or phone number (which people could note down wrongly or type in the wrong website address in their search bar). Your prospective customers can simply scan the QR code and be taken straight to your landing page.
QR codes are a valuable tool for any business. They provide your customers with an efficient and convenient way of interacting with your business. These are also very helpful with brand awareness and marketing purposes. To put it in a nutshell, they just make doing business way easier. Check out QuiQi who are doing great work in this field and provide an easy, interactive, and efficient way to present the full details of your servings.

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