Safety and Sanitation Tips for a Successful Restaurant Reopening


A waitress wearing a mask serving food in a restaurant.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the restaurant industry big time. Many restaurants permanently shut down due to COVID-19, and the others are barely surviving. As the restaurants look forward to resuming their operations, they face a host of challenges to provide a comfortable and safe dining experience.

Here are some tips for a successful restaurant reopening during COVID-19:

Redefine your standard operating procedures

You need to develop new standard operating procedures for your restaurant and train the staff to follow safety and sanitation guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization and regulatory bodies in your country. All the employees, including waitstaff, kitchen staff, and managers, must wear masks and gloves.

They should be encouraged to wash their hands with soap and water multiples times a day. Furthermore, you must instruct all employees to immediately inform and take days off if they experience the symptoms of COVID-19. Checking employee temperature before the shift is also a good practice to ensure employee and customer safety.

 An illustration showing preventative measures for restaurants.

Taking care of the customer experience

No matter how many measures you take to ensure cleanliness in your restaurant, customers will only consider dining in when your restaurant’s perceived safety level is high. There are several ways you can do this; for instance, place hand sanitizers at every table, set the tablets six feet apart from each other, etc.
Dining room cleanliness is also important, so make sure to get the space cleaned and disinfected regularly. Moreover, put instructions to wear the masks and safety guidelines for COVID-19 to emphasize that your business understands the gravity of the situation. It will strengthen customers’ confidence and help maximize revenue.

Leverage the power of technology

Embrace technology to combat the COVID-19 crisis and ensure safety and sanitation in your facility. Using advanced solutions like QuiQi’s cloud-based enterprise food ordering solution will enable your customers to place orders and make payments by scanning a QR or NFC code through their smartphone.

All your waitstaff will have to do is pick the food and drinks from the kitchen and deliver it to the customers’ table. It will significantly reduce the interaction between customers and waitstaff. It’ll facilitate social distancing and streamline restaurant operations, improving your business’ bottom line.

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