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Eating outdoors from hotels and restaurants is an everyday practice for so many of us, and this is why we've witnessed different management techniques at different setups.

Although every restaurant follows a different strategy, most of them use the traditional ordering method that involves waiter service with a paper and a pen.

The world today is witnessing a rapid evolutionary phase where everything is digitizing and shifting to online streams. This has made the old order taking methods quite boring and inauspicious.

Are you wondering what the possible drawbacks of this old restaurant ordering system are? And more than this, are you worried about figuring out a way to be trendy in the market by adopting new methods?

We can understand your concern, and that's why we're going to highlight some significant issues regarding old ordering methods along with the best possible solution.


As we all know, old order-taking methods involve a waiter's service that walks by the tables to collect orders and write them down on a paper using some pen. The menus are already displayed on each table, or the waiter itself hands over the menu.

On the other hand, taken orders are written down and manually calculated for the bills. At the end of the day, either an accountant calculates the orders at a register manually or uses a computer system to find out the order total.

This traditional order taking method involves;

  • Approaching the Table
  • Serving drinks before meals
  • Explaining the menu
  • Taking the food order
  • Forwarding the written menu
  • Food delivery to the table
  • Keeping a favorable check
  • Receiving the bill from the reception or writing a bill manually
  • Receiving the payment and returning the cash
  • Submission of the bill at the cash counter.

It may seem easy, but it really isn't. Let's have a quick reality check of this traditional ordering method; 

Drawbacks of Traditional Order-Taking Method 

Certain issues need to be highlighted while using old order-taking methods, including;

drawbacks of traditional ordering method, ordering to the future

Food Order Ticket Tracking:

This is probably the major drawback while using a paper-pen method. Customers and even the staff can never track the order sequence and delivery process that leads to enormous misunderstandings on a daily basis.  

Updating the Menu and Price:

Both menu and prices are variable factors that need time-to-time updates, and when using printed menus, this up-gradation becomes either trickier or messy.

Difficulty in providing accurate information:

A simple two-sided flyer or brochure containing menu information can never include full-fledged details of its ingredients and other aspects.

probles of the traditional ordering method

There're many other issues, but the solution is one, the introduction of Digital Menu, also known as E-menus, is a kind of one-stop solution for every restaurant.  


E-Ordering System, in simpler words, provides a digital menu for restaurants that are super-easy to handle and maintain.

This system uses the POS (Point of Sale) System that combines computer software with a printer and cash drawer. The waiters use a favorable touchscreen device for displaying menus and noting down the order.

To understand these electronic menus in-depth, let's have a deeper look at their significant advantages; 

Digital Restaurant Menu is a new array in the market that has already established its worth. Still, the technology involved in this POS system keeps on changing. The major advantages of E-Ordering can be concluded as;

  • Double-handling of order and order bill can be eliminated using E-Menu.
  • The divided menus can be sent to the kitchen and beverage area within seconds.
  • E-menus reduce the verbal talk between staff that leads to misunderstandings and mishandling of the order.
  • The manager can reduce the cost of staff hours using digital menus.
  • The manager can keep a better check on inventory management that is never entirely possible with the paper-pen method.

In the current times, where the market is over-flown with plenty of digital options, selecting the right E-Menu partner for your restaurant is quite challenging. Also, you never know that an attractive-looking digital menu may not work well. 

To shorten your struggling curve with digitalization, we have come forward with a highly reliable and trust-worthy platform that lets you design your E-Menu with all the competency and reliability. QuiQi offers you a sweet spot for all of your menu-related tasks. 

Let's see what QuiQi packs for us;

QuiQi e- menu and ordering method for the future, e-menu for restaurants, bars, cafes, cloud based ordering method for restaurants


QuiQi is an online platform that lets you design your own E-Menu just as you want. QuiQi is simple, effective, reliable, and trustworthy. It allows you to enjoy all the pace and charm of the new digitalized world.

Now you can maintain the calm of your restaurant environment while managing your work as a Pro. Everything will happen with perfection without saying a word to other staff members.  


You don't have to be worried now. You have QuiQi in your hands. Now you can provide the full details of servings to your customers without spending hours cramming every word. What a relief, though!

QuiQi is a winner for so many reasons, and some of them are;

Multiple Access ways: 

Every client is different, so QuiQi offers different accessibility options for its valued users, including Wi-Fi, QR Code, URL, and NFC tag. It assures every customer will find a way to connect, and there won't be any difficulty.

QuiQi multiple ways of accessing the e-menu,  

Attractive User Interface: 

QuiQi understands the psychology of its users, and this is why it features an extremely readable and easy-to-understand interface wrapped up with elegance and style. The menu is kept easy-to-browse to avoid inconveniences. 

Category Listing: 

With QuiQi, accessing categories and its sub-categories is easy as a breeze. The layout is clear and understandable without guidance. 

Unique Labeling System: 

QuiQi knows that the health freaks of today's age demand to know much more than just the menu. This is why this smart platform introduces unique labels and badges for food specialties like allergens badges, Diet badges, Fresh and Frozen badges, and other special badges.   

Other Unique Features:

QuiQi is smart. It's multilingual without any limitations, and you can quickly search for your required dish without scrolling. Adding on, you can add catchy photos of your items that can be enlarged for better convenience.

 QuiQi professional, the best cloud based ordering solution for restaurants, bars, cafes

You can also add promotional banners time-to-time. Another amazing feature is, you don't need to delete an item when it's not available, as adding it again would be an extra job. You can simply hide it when it's not available and can display when back to stock/availability.



The world is moving forward, and being in the race, we need to match our steps. For any restaurant or Cafe/Bar business, it's the need of the time to digitalize. For this, there couldn't be any feasible option other than QuiQi, the ultimate E-Ordering system, to take off the burdens from your shoulder.

It's efficient enough to be a part of your system with all the pride. 

"With QuiQi, Quickly Create Beautiful e-Menu That Your Customers Can Access Without ANY Wait."


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