Is e-Menu the future for your business?



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The “quick response” barcodes have stormed their way in Restaurants/Bars/Coffee shops and Hotels amid the coronavirus when social distance is the name of the game and human contact is best kept to a minimum.

Business owners are rushing to make their offerings available to the customers through e-Menu apps that are popping all over the world.

In general, the process requires no contact to a traditional waiter thus making it safer for the customer. It is, undoubtedly, a good solution in the fight against coronavirus but is it only temporary?

In order to answer this question we have to examine the benefits this solution provides for both the HoReCa (Hotel,Restaurant,Café) businesses and the customers apart from maintaining the social distance.



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  1. Reduce cost of operation

There are many ways in which this solution can help reduce cost of operation.

Firstly, by streamlining orders & payments it will reduce workload of labor, will reduce waiters’ unnecessary movements, making optimum use of their working hours. As a result, the business will be able to deliver better service with less stuff.

The easily customized e-menu via the dashboard will replace the physical menu. Menus will be updated extremely easy as new items are added or removed through the application’s backend with no need to reprint/redesign thus reducing the overall cost of the business.

In addition, business will no longer need credit card machine readers to

receive electronic payments.

Finally, the overall automation and optimization can help the business be more efficient.


  1. Increase customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is crucial for any HoReCa business to thrive.

The optimization of the process will result in faster service whilst eliminating ordering and billing errors. The information provided by the e-Menu can surpass by far those of a conventional method. Information such as reviews, nutritional facts, preparation detail, popular dishes, dishes of the day and additional functions like search, history, and favorite will hugely impact the convenience of the selection process. 

Even more, special loyalty programs will further help business strengthen its customer relationship.

  1. Increase sales/revenue

It is a now brainer that faster service and happy customers will result in a larger customer flow. The business with its existing staff will have the capacity to serve more customers thus increasing revenue. Follow up orders will also increase drastically due to the convenience of the process (fast service). E-menu with its features can be used as a marketing tool further helping the success of the business

  1. Optimize management and business decisions

The manager with a glance at the dashboard will immediately have the necessary information to make important business decisions. Various analytical functions such as statistics on sales, profit analysis on specific items and various metrics are important tools for any type of business.

Furthermore, the convenience of the process gives management the ability to oversee better and easier.



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  1. Faster & Better Service

By rationalizing orders and payments will minimize the time-consuming actions required and hasten the process. The customer will no longer have to flag the waiter down nor wait in a queue to place an order. Streamlining the process will reduce the human errors on orders and bills and avoid orders getting mixed up. The overall experience for the customer will be much better and more satisfying.

  1. Ease of choice

The information provided to the customer via the e-Menu will make the selection process much faster and more accurate to his desire.

Order history, additional information such as photos, reviews, nutrition, search function and reviews from other customers will speed up the process.

  1. Save money

By reducing the cost of the business will more likely result in a similar benefit for the customers. In addition, loyalty program and discount coupons will reduce the overall consumer costs.

  1. New capabilities / New experience 

The customers will have the option to pay using their smartphone so there will be no need to carry wallet anymore. Reducing unnecessary actions to minimum will increase the more enjoyable time spent at the restaurant/bar.


Faced with the tragic situation of the pandemic, we may have had to look for new solutions to replace an outdated system. Maybe this need led us to solutions that we could not suspect we needed. Nevertheless, this need is imperative. As has been seen from all the aforementioned benefits, in order to be able to move forward successfully in the future the e-menus are a necessary tool for any serious HoReCa business.

If you are looking for the best e-Menu / ordering solution with all the features mentioned in this blog and even more, please check out QuiQi.

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