4 Trends to Look Out for in the Restaurant Industry This Year

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Before 2020, the restaurant and foodservice industry was considered one of the most successful businesses to get into. However, there have been massive changes in the industry over the past year, with the pandemic shutting down hundreds of businesses across the world.

As we adapt to the new normal, there are certain trends that we can safely expect to see in 2021, as time progresses. Here are some of them:

1.Chain restaurants will hold their own
Unfortunately for the little guy, chains and franchises will continue to boom while smaller, more independent businesses will take a hit. These businesses have the advantage of scale, as they can manage to stay afloat despite the circumstances. This means you’ll see more businesses competing to bring in customers.

2.Independent restaurants will see major changes
However, it’s not all grim for independent restaurants; they will have to adapt, upgrade, and get with the times to reinvent themselves. They will have to expand operations and outreach through delivery, takeaway, and focus on creating more diverse experiences and options.

It’s a tough change given the often specialized nature of small businesses, but it’s one that’s necessary to keep them going. In fact, a lot of establishments are also placing a COVID surcharge, which has risky implications for them.
3.Diverse dining options will emerge more
It’s not as simple as offering a temporary curbside dining option while you try to sustain your business. These changes are going to stay. A lot of people will want to continue dining out, both for the safety it offers and the aesthetic value of it. People enjoy this new form of outdoor dining, and restaurants are stepping up to cater to this, alongside options like takeaway, drive-throughs, and much more.

4.Greater automation and technological use

As businesses try to build themselves back up, it's important to acknowledge the role and importance of technology in doing so. Allowing businesses to focus on the quality of staff rather than quantity, speeding up processes, and improving efficiency, on the whole, mobile ordering for restaurants through apps like QuiQi will continue to grow.

There's a lot of change taking place across all major industries, and the foodservice sector is bound to see it too. You can get in touch with us to know more about how we can be of service to you or request a demo for our digital interactive menu app.

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