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QuiQi provides customers of a restaurant the possibility to order using their phone


Anna Agard

"My restaurant was always full of customers and staff were constantly complaining that they couldn't serve so many people. Customers were complaining about the delay in service but unfortunately my profitability did not allow me to hire more staff. Now, with QuiQi, not only are customers happy with the fast service, but my staff also doesn’t complain even though they serve more people every day. Needless to say, my profitability increased by a lot. Thanks, QuiQi!"

Joel Harris

“That's amazing. It only took me 5 minutes from the time I entered the restaurant until I ordered my food. Although I had no idea the food offered by this restaurant, the photos and information I found at Quiqi made my choice easy. I spent all my time with my friends until the food came. Once we finished eating, I didn't even have to wait for the bill. We paid with the Quiqi. Very pleasant experience.”

Andreas Papa

"QuiQi is a blessing for my business. From the first week of use, my customers used it without any difficulty, and it certainly helped the work of the waiters a lot. I'm not so much an entrepreneur who only deals with numbers, but the pleasure I observe in customers and staff is priceless. I highly recommend it!"